Welcome to my corner of the Internet.  My name is Allie, and I’m the BarefootBluestocking.  I live in the NorthEastern USA, with my husband, our baby, our roommate, a dozen or so musical instruments, and several hundred books.

The Bluestocking part comes from a (rather old-fashioned and usually negative) word used to describe female bookworms (read this).  The Barefoot part is more complicated.  At the simplest level, I usually write (as now), barefoot.  There is also, of course, the image of the wife barefoot in the kitchen, the place where I do most of my work.  In a bigger sense, though, being barefoot is about being free-spirited, natural, and unrestrained – more aware of the small things underfoot.

I’ve put the two together in a spirit of irony – not only that of being both barefoot and stocking-ed, but also that of bringing together academic interests and less-lofty-but-just-as-essential homely pursuits.  “Bluestockings” were (and perhaps are) sometimes accused of neglecting their daily responsibilities and being distracted by their books.  I believe, on the other hand, that the quotidian work of making a home and imposing order on our part of the universe is no small or unimportant task.  Hence, I think – and write – about both the big and the small questions, and imagine that possibly, just possibly, the answers are not unrelated.


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