St Brigid Day

Happy Feast of St. Brigid!  Above, celebrating with soda bread … which had to be transferred from the pan to a plate, because J was so eager to taste it that he burnt himself a bit on the pan.

In preparation for Candlemas tomorrow (we are planning to dip beeswax candles), I’ve been doing some reading on St Brigid’s Day / Imbolc / Candlemas, and the overlap between the three is very interesting.  Definitely more meaningful than Groundhog Day (although, as a Pennsylvania native, I will always have a soft spot for Punxsutawney Phil).  I have seen some indication that it is a good time to begin spring cleaning, and we could certainly use the six weeks start on that around here.  We are being treated to some warmer, softer weather this week as well — although, ironically, it appears that may be an omen that much worse is yet to come!

But there seems to be a universal theme of creativity and fresh start at this time of the year, and in a way it seems more fitting than designating January 1st as the beginning of our new resolutions.  January 1st is smack in the middle of the true Christmas celebration, it is itself a day of partying, with 5 more to come — and it almost feels as though any fresh endeavor that one undertakes with a January 1st start date is doomed to failure (although that may merely be my experience; others may be far more successful with their resolutions.)

So February feels like a more fitting start.  Here’s to St. Brigid, Candlemas, and Phil *not* seeing his shadow tomorrow!

(*Also, we will try to remember to take down the wreath on the front door tomorrow.)