I’m not linking up — not yet, anyway!  But I’m giving it a try.

  1. What we’re watching:  We are more than halfway through our movie challenge (to watch the Top 100 Movies, as determined by the AFI).  It’s been fun to get to this point, further than other people expected us to make it.  It also means that there shouldn’t be any real duds left (Last Pictures Show … Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe? … those sorts of movies).  So even if we both don’t like them, they at least shouldn’t be painful.  (Except maybe … Midnight Cowboy.
  2. What I’m reading:  Prior to the big storm we were expecting two weeks ago, we headed to the library to stock up on movies and books.  A got a handful, and I also managed to pick a few of interest from the New Books section up front.  Most notably, Home by Judith Flanders, which is good, but slow going due to the level of concentration required to follow it.
  3. What A is reading:  A now enjoys listening to longer stories, and doesn’t need pictures, either.  We have been working on telling/listening to stories orally, too, but we just started trying two chapter books.  He liked both “Wind in the Willows” and “Winnie the Pooh,”  but Wind in the Willows seems like such a Spring book, so far, so I think we’re going to concentrate on Winnie.
  4. What J is reading: J has just started to enjoy books in the conventional sense.  (He has long enjoyed them for their tastes and textures.) “Little Blue Truck” is his favorite, just as it was A’s first favorite book.  Although, he also
  5. What we’re doing: Fall.  Anything and everything Fall.  I am determined not to miss a second of this October!  Today we went to a Fall & Craft Festival in a nearby town, and just enjoyed walking up and down and taking it all in.  We’ve gotten outside every day, no matter what, and I want to keep that up!
  6. What we’re eating:  Apples.  See above. We are also apple picking tomorrow, so I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.  We are also baking a lot, as A has gotten into the habit, thanks to our co op, and often asks to help bake something.  “You want me help make something, Mama?” he asks hopefully, pointing to the mixer.
  7. What we’re making:  A has been enjoying experimenting with wet-on-wet watercoloring.  Both A and J love practicing with a pen or crayon.  I’m making wool hats for some of our dollies around here, now that it is getting colder!