Backpacking in Isle Royale NP

Backpacking in Isle Royale NP

We’re back.

This blog has been in the back — the way, way back, under a pile of other things — of my mind for awhile now.  I’ve been meaning to update and begin posting regularly, but things kept seeming too chaotic.  We moved — again — last year, and worked a lot, and I expected the summer to be a good time to revisit this space, but then, we worked some more and traveled a lot more.

So September 1st seems like a good time to start again.

I’m not sure if “refreshed” is actually the word for how we’re feeling after this past summer … We were away almost all of August, I worked full time most of June and July, and things were pretty hectic.  Although the end of summer is always a little sad, I’m actually really looking forward to this fall (which doesn’t officially start for 3 weeks, and certainly not today, as we’re in the middle of a heat wave — but it’s the first day of school around here for many, and that counts for something!).  Some new activities for A, a better work schedule for me, and hopefully a lot more family and home time, are all on the agenda.  I’m really craving routine, too, after the craziness of the past year.

The beginning of the school year has always felt to me like the most appropriate time for new plans and goals, whether any actual school is happening.  This year I’m hoping to get a household routine down (meal planning and a cleaning schedule — and stick to both!), and rework and stick to our budget, among other things.  A. and J. are still too little for “school,” but I’d like to get A. especially into a better routine as well — helping with chores, reading more books, and planned outings.

It’s supposed to be over 90 degrees today, but I won’t let the oppressive heat and humidity weigh down our First-Day-of-School optimism!