Two can be really, really hard.  For the two year old, as well as for his parents! Recently I read something about how a two year old is continually frustrated that the world doesn’t work for him the same way it does for everyone else.  When I pick up A.’s sneakers and say, “Out,” we go out — but if he does exactly the same thing, it doesn’t usually result in a trip to the park!  When you look at it that way, it’s a wonder there aren’t MORE meltdowns in a day.  (Although, I am grateful there aren’t!)

But two can also be pretty delightful, for both of us as well.  Here are some things I like about two: (*apologies to The Romantics … although, come to think of it, two does like to dance, jump, and hold on tight … )


*Two is big enough for the fun stuff — the real playground equipment, the big swing, splash pads, feeding the animals at the farm.  

*Two is advanced enough for conversation.  True, I don’t really understand his side of it most of the time.  But there’s a definite conversational tone and a back-and-forth.  Two is actually company.  Two is my tea-drinking, scone-eating buddy at home, and when out and about we can sit on a bench and talk and point to passers-by and their dog-dogs.

*Two is big enough for jokes.  Two has a real sense of humor.  “Moo,” when applied to the horse at the playground, is no longer a mistake, but a joke.  You can see the twinkle in his eye as he observes your reaction to see if you think it’s funny, too.

*Two can be helpful.  Two can follow multi-step directions … when it feels like it.  

*Two is empathetic.  Right now, Two is deeply indignant if Baby cries and you don’t pick him up right this instant because he needs you and what are doing washing that diaper when you need to pick this Baby up right NOW?

*Two is adorably independent (“I do this!”) whenever possible, resulting in interesting wardrobe combinations, but at the same time, sweetly needy.  He can get his pants on the right legs, but he can’t quite pull them up over his bottom.

In a way, two is great because he’s both a kid and a baby.  Sure, that sometimes means the worst of both — but just as often, it means the best of both.